Helpful Links

Skate Music List likes to share helpful links to videos and other content that can help you learn to play poker and get good at it. We change these links every 6 months. So, have a look and we hope that it can help you on your journey to become a great poker player.


Poker for beginners. Poker rules

This video shows you how to play poker in a quick 4 minutes. All the basics you need and what you need to know to play your first game.


How to Evaluate Your Starting Hand – Poker Tutorials

Howcast offers a range of tutorial videos to help you learn how to play poker. The gambling lessons they offer are very helpful and there is even an app.


Top Poker Tips from the Professionals – 13 Advanced Poker Tips to Make Your Game Better

The pros know it all. They have won and they have lost. Follow their tips to help make your game better and make sure that you don’t lose big or go home empty-handed. These 13 tips may just change your game and your life completely.


Poker High Stakes BEST Moments (BEST HANDS, BIGGEST POTS)

This channel streams the biggest moments and best wins in poker. If you want to see what happens in a high stakes game with professionals, then you need to follow this channel and see how they do it.


Poker Tournament – PSC Barcelona Main Event – Final Table Part 1

Watch the final table plays that took place in Barcelona during the 2017 PokerStars Championship. You will learn a lot and go ‘wow’ and ‘ahh’ a lot.