Poker Strategy: What You Should Know

For beginner poker players it is important to understand the basics behind strategy. There are many more complex strategies and tips that you can have a look at here, but let’s start simple. The three basic things you need to know and understand as part of your strategy is decision-making, mathematics, and starting hands. This will get you off to a good start.


1. Good Decision-Making

The first part of your strategy has to be good decision-making. If you understand the basics of the game, the stakes and the rules, you should know what constitutes good decisions. You need to decide why you want to play poker and also what type of poker game. Do you play for fun or to win money? Do play Texas Hold’em or Seven-Card Stud? Those are things you need to decide before you start.

The smart decision-making becomes crucial in the game itself. You need to know when you should fold and when you can push it further. You need to know when you can place a bet or raise or not. If you make the smart decisions you will lose less money.


2. The Mathematics

Poker is a game of mathematics. You can work with stats, predictions, trends, etc. You don’t have all the information on the table, but you can use what you have and calculate the odds of your hand improving or of the community cards being played to your favor. If you know the math behind it, you can make smart decisions and calculate all your odds to plan your strategy and gameplay.


3. Starting Hands

An important part of your strategy is to know what a good starting hand is. You can find tips and information on this in books, online, and from other players. If you can successfully analyse your starting hand and its odds of improving, you can play a more successful game. It is part of knowing when to fold and when you have a chance of getting through the game with better cards.


4. Avoid Tilt in the Game

Tilt refers to emotional play. This is the last very important part of strategy you need to understand today. If you play emotionally, you play irrationally and you give your opponents ammunition to manipulate you. They take advantage of your emotional play and use it against you. So, when you get worked up, leave the game for a moment to cool off. It will do more harm than good to stay.

Base your beginner strategy on these points and you will be off to a good start. If you have the basics covered and get some experience, you can start looking at the more complex strategies that the pros use. For strategy tips for online poker, go here.



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